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918Kiss Introduction

Nowadays, online gambling has become the main trend in the gambling industry. Many online casinos have emerged in the market in order to meet the increasing demand. 918Kiss Login is one of the most popular online casinos at the moment. It can be downloaded to any mobile devices easily. Players can then start playing immediately. Besides, players can get welcome bonus immediately when they join 918Kiss. There is also live chat support team there to assist all the players on any issues faced by them.

It is widely believed that the winning odds are high in most of the 918Kiss games. Many players have developed different strategies to further increase their winning odds. One of the most popular strategies being applied by the 918Kiss app players is the Martingale Strategy. In this article, we will share more about this strategy and how can this strategy helps you to win consistently in 918Kiss.

What is Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy existed in the 18th century. An English man named John Henry Martingale developed this strategy. Many players used this strategy to beat the house edge during that time. It is commonly used in roulette and craps game. The best way of mastering this strategy is through continuous training. The idea of this strategy originates from the theory that no one will keep losing all the time.

This strategy is a negative progression strategy. It means that the players will need to double up their bet in the next game when they lose, decrease their bet in the next game when they win. In this case, once they win in the next game they can win back whatever that they have lost in previous games. The idea of this strategy is very simple however, it takes many pieces of training to master it. There are also a few different Martingale Strategies which will give the players different winning odds.

Classic Martingale

If this strategy is applied in roulette, the players will place their bet on one color among the two colors in roulette wheel except for 0. When they lose, they will double up their bet on the same color again until they win. It is advisable to start with the lowest amount of bet first for this strategy.

The Great Martingale

This strategy is considered the more aggressive version of the original Martingale strategy. The betting style is a little different from the original Martingale strategy. When the players lose in the game, they will need to double up the bet plus an additional amount of bet in the next game. The logic behind this is pretty simple as well. It means that when the players win in the next round, they will get to win back whatever they have lost plus some additional winning as well. It is advisable to build up your bankroll first before you start applying this strategy in the game.

Anti Martingale

This is basically the reverse version of the original Martingale strategy. It is also the safer version of Martingale Strategy. It basically means that the players will need to double up their stake in the next game when they win the game. This strategy will allow the players to win more money in case they are in the winning streaks. However, the players have to apply this strategy carefully, as they need to know when to stop applying it in order to avoid the big loss of what they have won previously. Always bear in mind that there are no 100% winning odds in any games.

Applying Martingale Strategy in 918Kiss Games

918Kiss Blackjack

When comes to Blackjack, this strategy is widely used by most of the players. This is simply because it is almost a cant-lost strategy in this game.  The method is simply to double up the bet in the next game when they lose. When the players win, reduce to initial bet amount in the next game.  This strategy is proven effective to beat the house edge in this game and increase the winning odds significantly.

918Kiss Baccarat

This game is famous for having the lowest house edge among all the casino games. When you apply the Martingale strategy, you can easily win massively in the game. The only concern here is when the players are in long losing streaks, they have to make sure that they have sufficient bankroll to apply this strategy.


It is definitely worthwhile to Martingale strategy in 918Kiss as it is a proven strategy by many veteran players in 918Kiss to win consistently in most of the 918Kiss games.

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