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918Kiss Register | 918 Kiss Apk Client | 918Kiss Free Game Play

918Kiss Register

918Kiss Register Introduction

918Kiss register has been a popular keyword search by many online casino players. The reason behind is pretty simple because it is a free registration to play in a well-known online casino in Malaysia. However, players should be careful on the registration website as there are many fake 918Kiss online registration websites out there. While the official 918Kiss download website is available HERE, there are many fake websites out there to get and misuse the players’ personal data. The official free download site is available at the link below.

918Kiss Free Download


How To Register An Account

There are 2 ways to  918kiss register an account in 918Kiss. The first one is to go through the live chat team on the official website. The live chat column can be found at the bottom right section of the official website. First of all, you need to inform the live chat team that you are interested to join as a 918Kiss player. Then you need to provide your personal information such as name, phone number, email and Wechat ID to the live chat team. After that, they will process your application and build an account password for you. The waiting time for this process is around 5 to 10 minutes. Once your application is successful, the team will send you the account name and password to you via Whatsapp. You now can login to the app and change your password if you want to.

The second way is through 918Kiss Register trusted agent. You still need to provide your personal information to the trusted agent. Then the agent will proceed your application and pass you the account name and password once your application is successful. If you want to top-up or reload credits into your account, you can get assistance from the trusted agent as well. The same step as mentioned above, once you get your account name and password, please log in and change your password to ensure your account security.

918Kiss Free Register

Why Register In 918Kiss

You will enjoy all kinds of benefits once you have registered in 918Kiss that you can’t get in other online casinos platforms. First of all, you will get to play in one of the most popular online casinos in Malaysia. It offers a huge selection of exciting online casino games to the players. Furthermore, 918Kiss will constantly add in some exciting new games in the app. You will definitely never get bored in playing the app at any time. Besides, you do not need to worry about the risk of your account being hacked. 918Kiss has fully committed to providing a safe and secured online casino environment to the players. The company has spent a lot of money and effort to upgrade and maintain their security system, hence it is impossible to hack into 918Kiss and the players’ accounts.

Besides, you can enjoy smooth gaming graphics and short game loading time in 918Kiss. Whether you play the app on the mobile device, PC or iPad, you will still be able to enjoy smooth game-play and awesome gaming graphics in the game. Besides, once you have registered successfully in the 918Kiss register, you will be able to claim the welcome bonus without any deposit required. You can utilize these free credits to play in the game without using your own money. Many new players actually used these free credits to practice in the game.


Other Benefits

One of the main attractions of playing in 918Kiss is that the winning odds are high in most of the games. Many players feedback that it is actually very easy to win money in 918Kiss compared to online casino platforms. It is very common for a player to win 4-figures winning payout on the monthly basis.  You do not need to apply a sophisticated strategy in order to win money from the app.  The only advice here is that just don’t get over-greedy on your winning payout. Other than that, you can cash out anytime you want in 918Kiss. You are guaranteed that you will get back your amount in cash by a short time. Normally, it only takes less than 3 days.

Besides, you can still enjoy different kinds of free credits being offered in 918Kiss Register other than the welcome bonus. The types of free credits are such as festive season free credits, friend referral free credits, loyalty program free credits and etc. All these free credits can be claimed without any deposit required.


918Kiss Register In South East Asia

Although the popularity of 918Kiss in South East Asia (SEA)  is not as high as in Malaysia. There are still a significant number of online casino players from the SEA have been playing in 918Kiss. Statistically also show that these number of players are increasing over these few years and will continue to increase in the future. Hence, 918Kiss really has the potential to be the No.1 SEA online casino app in the future.


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