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918Kiss Live | 918 Kiss Online Casino Vs Land-Based Casino

918Kiss Live

918Kiss Live Introduction

Ever since 1996 when the online casino was launched, the online casino players population has been growing rapidly throughout the years. The online casino industry has been expanding because of that. In recent years, the industry even growing at a skyrocketing speed due to huge demand in the market. In Malaysia, the demand for online casino is growing as well. There are many online casinos emerged in recent years to meet the market demand. The 918Kiss Live casino is one of the top choice online casinos available in Malaysia.

It has managed to attract many players to play in it due to plenty of unique benefits offered to the players. These benefits such as free credits upon sign up in 918Kiss Kiosk cannot even find in any land-based casino. There is also some hacking software to hack the online casino in order to win more such as 918Kiss Hack.

Now let us look at what are the major differences between the online casino and land-based casino. Why there is a big shift of casino player population from land-based casino to 918kiss casino.


Flexible Playing Time & Place

One of the most obvious benefits that the online casino can offer compared to the land-based casino is that players can choose to play the games at anywhere and anytime. Unlike land-based casino where you need to travel to the casino itself in order to start playing. Online casino allows you to play casino games at any time and anywhere as long as you have a mobile device with internet connection all the time. This is no doubt will provide a great flexibility to the players because they can allocate their free time any time to play in online casino despite their busy schedule.

Besides, players can save up the traveling time to a land-based casino when they play in 918Kiss Live or other online casinos. This advantage is pretty obvious in Malaysia. For your information, there is only one legal land-based casino in Malaysia known as Genting Highland which is located in Pahang State. Hence, it could be time-consuming for other states casino players to travel to Genting when they intend to play.


No Restriction On Costumes And Food

Most of the land-based casino require players to dress formally when they enter the casinos. Many players feedback that this rule is actually quite troublesome for them.  While playing in the online casino. You do not need to bother the costumes restrictions since you do not dress up formally to play the games at your home or other places. You can just wear a singlet and a boxer yet winning millions of dollar at home by playing in the online casino.

While some of the land-based casinos restrict their players to enjoy their outside food or drink in the casinos. There is definitely not an issue when you play in the online casino. You can play any games in 918Kiss Live with your greasy finger with a glass of wine at any time.


Higher Winning Odds & Lower House Edge In 918Kiss Live

A lot of 918Kiss players find out that the games in 918Kiss have higher winning odds compared to the land-based casinos. One of the reasons is because all the games in 918Kiss are operated based on random number generator (RNG). While most of the games in the land-based casino use the human dealer to operate which can lower the winning odds of the players if the dealer is well-trained. The games operated by RNG have higher winning odds for the players because it is solely based on probability. It is also easier for the players to analyze the game trend in this case.


Free Credits & Low Minimum Bet In Games

Nowadays, many online casinos including 918Kiss Live, offer free credits to players upon registration. This offer can rarely find in the land-based casino. Players can always utilize the free credits to start playing in the online casino games they like without using their own money first. Besides, the minimum bet in the online casino is generally lower compared to land-based casino. This is beneficial to those players who do not intend to bet too much on casino games as their main purpose is just to enjoy the game only rather than win big. These two features in the online casino also allow the players to play in the game longer.


No External Distraction And Safer To Play In Online Casino

Many online casino players prefer to play casino games at home due to no external distraction. When you play in the land-based casino. You might get distracted by other players as there may be many players playing at the same table with you. This can be really annoying as the distraction may affect your game plan and reduce your winning odds in the game.  While playing online casino home, you can create the environment you want without any external distractions.

Another important point is the safety issue. It is definitely safer to play casino games at home rather than at the casino itself. When you play online, the online casino will transfer your winning payouts to your bank account via online where you do not need to hold a stack of cash immediately after you win. However, this will be exactly the opposite scenario when you play in a land-based casino.  You need to change your winning chips to cash before you leave the casino. This will cause you being exposed to the danger of being robbed.


918Kiss The Leading Online Casino In Malaysia

After going through all the points mentioned above. If you have decided to try your luck and skill in an online casino. Remember to choose the popular one. 918Kiss Live is always your wise choice because it is well-established in Malaysia. As mentioned before, it offers many unique features to the players that even many other online casinos don’t. Hence, you can do not need to worry about the safety and winning satisfaction when you play in 918Kiss Live.

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