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918Kiss Kiosk | Become A 918 Kiss Apk Agent Now For Free

918Kiss Kiosk

918Kiss Kiosk Introduction

918Kiss online casino has become the top choice mobile casino app in Malaysia recently. There are many advantages to join and play in 918Kiss compared to other online casinos. Some of them such as high winning odds in most of the games, the app supports Android and iOS system, free credits and 918Kiss test ID given upon registration, wide variety of games to play with and etc. The 918Kiss PC Download is available as well for the players to download and play in PC. Besides many people join as players in 918Kiss, there are also many of them join as agents. The agents will utilize the 918Kiss Kiosk to manage their accounts which is different from the players.

Since there are still many people asking about the procedure to become an agent. We will share out the procedure here to clear the all the doubts and questions.

How to Become 918Kiss Agent

First of all, if you do not know any contact person or existing 918Kiss casino agent, don’t worry about that. Just go to the 918Kiss site instead of 918Kiss Kiosk site and look for the live chat team support. They can be found in the bottom right section of the site. They are 24 hours available to assist you. Let them know your interest in becoming an agent. You just need to give them your basic information including your contact number as well. After that just wait for them to process the application for you. They will contact you to provide you your agent id and password.

It is as simple as that. The processing time is pretty short as well. Don’t be surprised that it might just take few hours to make you become an agent. There is actually a big professional team behind the agent application process to support and fasten the application process.

After becoming an agent, you can start your business immediately. Now you can log in to your account through the 918Kiss Kiosk. As an agent, you will be in charge of a few tasks:

  • Recruit new players to join
  • Assist new players to register their accounts
  • Add or replenish credit points to members’ accounts
  • Constantly check up the player’s game log and statistical report
  • Monitor your players’ accounts

There are many people like to join as an agent in 918Kiss kiosk because it is really an easy task for them and can earn quite some money at the same time. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to be a 918Kiss agent:

Easy To Recruit New Players For 918Kiss

Due to there are plenty of advantages that 918Kiss kiosk can offer compared to other online casinos, it is pretty easy for agents to intro the app to potential new players. Advantages such as high winning odds in games, 100% cash out anytime, free credits are given upon registration, smooth gameplay and a wide variety of games to play with are the main attractive points for people to play in 918Kiss. Hence, the agent does not need to spend much time to persuade people to play in 918Kiss. There are some cases, where potential players will look for the agents to help them create accounts and play in 918Kiss. This cases rarely happen when you are the agent for other online casinos.

Flexible Working Time

Another great advantage of becoming an agent is the flexible working time. Basically, you can work anywhere and anytime. There is totally no restriction on that. As long you have your mobile phone with you all the time and connected to the internet. Many agents are enjoying the flexibility at the moment as there are not many jobs out there has this kind of flexibility. You can even decide whether you want to work part-time or full-time agent as well. As there are some agents have other work to busy with, this flexibility actually gives them the freedom to allocate their time to work on their agent tasks.

Opportunity To Become Your Own Business

As we all know, it is not an easy task to set up own business in this era. We often require capital, skillset, and networking as well in order to start up own business. Other than that, we still need to evaluate the risk of our business. Hence, there are many people still prefer to be an employee rather start up their own business. Now, the opportunity of becoming your own boss is here.

By becoming an agent, you can always make it become your business. You do not need any capital to become an agent. If you are willing to spend time and effort in becoming a top agent, it can easily become your own business. You manage your account and your player recruitment. For your information, there are plenty of 918Kiss agents getting 5 figures pay on monthly basis. One of the main factors of their achievement is the effort and time that they willing to spend in.

918Kiss Kiosk Conclusion

Agents play a very important role in the 918Kiss operation. Hence, the company values the agents highly by giving them multiple benefits. The number of benefits will definitely increase continuously in the future, as the company always looking to create a win-win situation for the agents.

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