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918Kiss iOS

918Kiss iOS Introduction

For players who have played in 918Kiss for some time, they are well aware that 918Kiss iOS games can be played on any Android and iOS devices. The download and installation steps are pretty straightforward and simple. Generally, it takes less than 15minutes to complete all the steps. There will be a few more extra steps for the iOS device as the iOS device would require the user to verify the 918Kiss iOS app on the device. Once you completed the 918Kiss Apk Download and installation steps, you can move forward for account registration.

This registration is totally free and no deposit required. Besides, you will be able to get free credits as well upon successful registration. For the process of account registration, you can always refer to a 918Kiss Kiosk agent. Other than that, the 918Kiss live chat team is also there to assist you in this matter. Once the registration is successful, you can immediately access your account and start playing. There are more than 150 exciting games for you to choose. Another exciting fact is that most of the games give high winning odds to the players.

Even though most of the games give high winning odds to the players. Some veteran players will still plan some strategies during their play in 918Kiss iOS Online games in order to further increase the winning odds. One of the most popular and effective strategies is the Fibonacci Strategy. Compared to the Martingale Strategy, this strategy is more advanced and normally applied by the experienced players. In this article, we will discuss this strategy in details.


What Is Fibonacci Strategy

Be it in the online casino or land-based casino, it is an undeniable fact that the house always has the edge in all the casino games. Hence, the players have developed different strategies to reduce the house edge and increase their winning odds in the game. The Fibonacci strategy is one of them. It was developed by an Italian mathematician named, Leonardo of Pisa. The system works based on a sequence of number where the new number always comes from the sum of the previous two numbers. The initial number always starts at 1. An example of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers would be, “1,1,2,3,5,8,13”. Other than applying the Fibonacci system in gambling, it can be also be applied in art and architecture.


How To Apply Fibonacci Strategy In 918Kiss Games

Generally, the Fibonacci Strategy is used in the games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps. It works effectively in those games which give the winning payout of 1 to 1. In order to apply this strategy in your casino game, always start off your initial bet at a small amount. For example, you bet RM10 in the first round and you lose. You will bet RM10 in the second round. When you lose in the second round, bet RM20 in your third round. If you still lose, you will need to bet RM30 in the fourth round. The idea of this strategy is always bet the amount based on the sum of the previous 2 amounts that you have lost.

When you win, you will need to reduce the bet to the same amount of your previous two rounds before. For example, when you win in the fourth round with the bet of RM30, you need to reduce your bet to RM10 for the fifth round. The theory behind this strategy to recover your consecutive losses by shifting up or down the sequence of numbers.


Advantages Of Fibonacci Strategy

The advantage of this strategy is that it is fairly easy to memorize. You do not need to be an expert in maths to apply this strategy in the game. As this strategy is the negative progression strategy, it will also likely to help you to win in short playing time.


Disadvantages Of Fibonacci Strategy

There is no perfect strategy in this world. In using Fibonacci Strategy, the players should always beware of their bankroll amount especially when they are in the long losing streaks. While Fibonacci Strategy is based on a very logic mathematical concept, the continuous long losing streak in the game will put all your bankroll at a stake.


Fibonacci Strategy In 918Kiss iOS Games

This strategy can always be applied in several games in 918Kiss iOS such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Sicbo as well. Many 918Kiss iOS players have actually applied this strategy and win consistently in their games. What are you still waiting for, master this strategy and begin your winning journey in 918Kiss now!


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