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918Kiss Hack | How To Hack 918 Kiss Live Without Using Software

918Kiss Hack

918Kiss Hack Introduction

918Kiss… Whenever you mention this app to a Malaysia online gambling player, he would have either heard of this app before or have been playing in this app for quite some time. With the popularity of 918Kiss growing rapidly in Malaysia, many players have come out with all sorts of strategy to increase their winning odds in 918Kiss Live. Some of the players even develop some software to hack the app. Many of them are know as 918Kiss Hack. They can be downloaded online for free. However, based on the feedback from most of the users, the 918Kiss Hack software fails to work in the app. Some software even causes app data corruption, causing players lost all their account data and winning payout in the app.

With the company have spent a lot of effort and investment in their app safety and security system, it is impossible to hack the app by using the hacking software. However, many players still keen to find out alternative ways to win more money from the app. It is a common scene in Malaysia, as most of the Malaysian gamblers play in online casino games with the aim to win more money. In this article, I would like to share some of my personal tips on hacking the app without using the 918Kiss Hack software. These tips have been practically proven by some of the veteran players as well.

Choose The Right Time To Play In 918Kiss

After playing in 918Kiss Online for quite some time, I have figured out that you can actually win in 918Kiss games easily in a specific period of time. The period of time is in the afternoon which between 12 pm – 5 pm during weekdays. In this period of time, your winning odds in 918Kiss hack games will be much higher compared to other time. No matter which game you play in 918Kiss, you will be able to win money easily. You can even generate bigger winning payout when you apply some of the betting strategies during this period of time. Strategies such as Martingale strategy, Fibonacci strategy and etc will definitely help you to win bigger in the games.

Pick The Game Which Gives Higher Winning Odds

Most of the veteran players did not share out this secret tip. In 918Kiss, there are actually a few games that will give the players higher winning odds. These games do not have the house edge and give high winning odds to the players. Of course, the company did not announce this info to the players. I was only able to find out this secret after I have played the app for more than 6 months. The games that give players the higher winning odds are slot games such as Highway Kings Slot, Cookies Pop Slot, Black Panther Slot and Aladdin Slot. Do take note that, if you play these games during the weekday afternoon, you can even win massively in the games.

Don’t Ever Use 918Kiss Hack Software

By applying the 2 tips mentioned above, you are almost guaranteed that you will be able to win money from the app consistently. Hence, there is no need for you to discover the 918Kiss Hack Software anymore and use it in the app. As the software may corrupt your app data, you should not use it on your mobile device in any case.

Other Advantages To Play In 918Kiss

Aside from the high winning odds games in the app, there are other reasons for me to stick to this app permanently. One of the reasons is the smooth gameplay. Ever since the app has rebranded from SCR888 to 918Kiss, the game loading time has been shortened by a lot and the gameplay is much smoother. Besides, there is one feature that you can only find it in 918Kiss, which is there are no pop-up ads in all the 918Kiss games. Pop-up ads can be very annoying when they appear during the gameplay. It will interrupt your flow in the game and may even cause lost in the game. These pop-up ads are very common in other online casino platforms. In 918Kiss, there will be no pop-ads appear in the app at any time to ensure the smooth gameplay for the players.

Furthermore, when you are a new player, you will get free credits upon successful registration. No deposit required for the free credits. If you are interested, feel free to get the FREE CREDITS HERE !!!

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