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918Kiss Great Blue Slot Secret Winning Tips

918kiss Great Blue

918Kiss Great Blue Introduction

918Kiss Great Blue Slot no longer sounds strange to most of the online casino players. An online slot game with the theme of undersea with many adorable sea creatures. It has been extremely popular among online casino players due to its high winning payouts and interesting graphics and animations.

 It provides some 5 reels and 25 pay lines which have attractive odds. Aside from that, players can get to play this game easily and conveniently in 918Kiss App. This is because of 918Kiss App able to support both Android and IOS platforms to allow players to download to their mobile phone easily and play at anywhere and anytime.

918Kiss Great Blue Slot Game Play

Sea creatures like turtles, sharks, seahorses, and starfish are the symbols in the reel. The player can get winning payout when one of these symbols appear in 3 pieces on one of the pay lines. Whale represents the wild symbol which means even higher payout for the players when it appears 3 pieces on one of the pay lines.

 When the wild symbol lands on the reels, players can win a jackpot of up to 10000 coins as well. There is also an option of trying out the gamble game mode that can double your money at the end of the game. The clamshell represents scatter in the game. If there are 3 pieces in any of the lines, players will get a free spin in return.

918Kiss Great Blue Slot Winning Tips

Build Up Your Bankroll

One of the famous strategies for playing 918Kiss Great Blue Slot is to build up your bankroll while playing the slot game. To build up your bankroll, always bet on minimum, slowly build up your bankroll until it is nicely built. After that, you can increase your wagers but keep it at a reasonable amount. Eventually, your bankroll would enable you to make some risky yet high reward bets.

Understand The Mechanics of Great Blue Slot

If you have not played this game before, it is advisable to bet with the minimum amount to play the free game mode first in order to familiarize the gameplay and the rules as well. It is very important to take some time to familiarize the game first before you start to plan to win big in it.

Play All Lines In The Game

Once you start playing in 918Kiss Great Blue Slot, make sure that you play all 25 lines in order to increase your odds of winning. As the game allows you to adjust how many lines you want to play, always adjust to 25 lines before start playing. If you play all 25 lines in the game, it will give you a chance to win 25 ways per spin. This will definitely increase your odds of winning the game.

Bet On Maximum

While bet at a reasonable amount is always a safe way of playing Great Blue slot, the best winning pays out that you will get is always bet at the maximum. Don’t be surprised if you cannot win big even you hit the jackpot due to you did not play at the max bet. The advice here would be build up your bankroll first, then only bet at the max when the opportunity comes. You will definitely feel great when you hit the jackpot at the max bet.

Utilize the Auto Start Feature

The Auto Start Feature allows you to select the number of spins you want the game to spin for you. You do not need to spin on your own every time. The slot will spin automatically and you will get paid when there is any winning and will go into the next game automatically. It will only stop when you hit a bonus in the game or you are out of credits.

Make Full Use of the Free Credits

Players who newly joined the 918Kiss Online Casino generally will be rewarded with free credits. You can always use these free credits to play in Great Blue slot first before play with your real money. Get some rounds of practice by using these free credits first in order for you to familiarize the game and develop your winning strategy for this game as well.

Withdraw your Winnings While You Still Can

It is extremely important when playing in any casino games is to know when to stop. Whether you are on the winning trend or losing trend, always know when to pull out yourself from the game. When you are on the winning trend, make sure you cash out all your money and stop the game. It is impossible for you to stay on the winning trend forever. Hence set a stop limit for yourself and cash out all your winning money as well. Stop the game for the day and enjoy the feel of being a winner.

What are you still waiting for? Download 918Kiss and apply all the strategies above in the Great Blue Slot to win yourself extra cash now.

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