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918Kiss Download

918Kiss Download Introduction

In the era of 2000s, there is a rapid development in the online casino industry. Many online casinos emerged in the market due to the increasing demand for online gambling. This happens in Malaysia as well. The number of online casino players in Malaysia is growing rapidly as well. Hence, the number of online casinos in Malaysia increases relatively. The well established online casino in Malaysia is such as 918Kiss Download. This online casino app was formerly known as SCR888 Download.

The name change to 918Kiss Live has even further increase its popularity in Malaysia and South East Asia. Another strong factor in the rapid growth of online casino in Malaysia is that there is only one legal land-based casino available in Malaysia. It is known as the Genting Highland Casino. Due to long traveling time to Genting, many players opt to play 918Kiss casino online instead.

Even to say so, the casino business in Genting is still growing over the years. There is no doubt that there are some features in the land-based casino cannot be found in the online casino. In this article, we would talk more about the pros and cons of online casino nowadays.

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918Kiss Live Pros

There are many pros of playing in the online casino. Which is also why the population of online casino players is growing rapidly throughout the years.

Free Credits & Free Bonus

Online casino such as 918Kiss Download often offers welcome bonus to the new players. It means that players will be able to get free credits after they have completed the registration. These free credits can be very useful to new players. It allows them to start to play the games without using their own money first. In some cases, players can get some net profit from the game by using free credits only.

Convenient & Flexible Gambling

Playing in online casino allows players to have great flexibility. They can choose to play the games at anywhere and anytime.  There is no time and place restriction on the online casino, unlike the land-based casino. Besides, players do not have to worry about their attire when playing in the online casino. You can always wear a singlet and a boxer at your home and enjoy your online casino games at the same time. There is also no food and beverages restriction when you play in the online casino. You can enjoy any food and drinks you like while betting on the games.

No External Distraction and Safety Issue

Oftenly, many players like to play online casino at home rather than land-based casino due to they prefer better privacy and no external distraction. For some of the players, they could be affected by the betting style and gestures of other players when playing in the land-based casino. Some players claim that these distractions can even reduce their winning odds in the game. Hence, they prefer to play alone in the online casino.

Playing in the online casino also provides better safety to players. In the land-based casino, players need to change back to cash when they leave the casino. This might be a safety issue as holding stacks of cash might easily be the target of robbers. Whereas in the online casino such as 918Kiss Download, all winning payouts will be paid via online bank transfer hence players do not need to worry about carrying too many cash with them.

918Kiss Live Cons

There are some reasons why the land-based casinos are still available in the market up to now. Some of the benefits offered by the land-based casino are definitely could not be found in the online casino.

No Social Interaction With Other Players

Some players like to interact with other players when betting. This activity could not be carried out in the online casino. Basically, you are just playing with the Random Number Generator (RNG) house all the time. Some players could find it very boring due to no human interaction at all.

Slow Money Withdrawal

When you plan to withdraw your money from your 918Kiss Download account, it may take a few days time to complete the process. It also largely depends on the efficiency of the respective online casino. Generally, the money withdrawal processing time will take longer in the online casino compared to the land-based casino.

Delay In Customer Support Service

This issue occurs quite often in the online casino. Even though some of the well established online casinos provide 24 hours customer support service to the players, some of the issues still could not be addressed immediately. One of the reasons behind is the delay occurs in the back-end system. However, there are significant improvements for this issue in recent years. This is simply because popular online casino such as 918Kiss Download is consistently investing to upgrade their customer service system.

918Kiss Download Conclusion

Nothing is perfect in this world. So hopefully the sharing on the pros and cons of online casino above could help you to decide better in which type of casino to bet.

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