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918Kiss Online Casino

918Kiss Casino Online Introduction

When you become a 918Kiss casino online player, you will immediately get to enjoy various types of benefits that most of the online casinos are unable to offer. The most attractive feature in 918Kiss Register is the welcome bonus for the new players. All new players will be able to get free credits through the 918Kiss casino online trusted agent upon successful registration. They can use these free credits to play any games they want. Besides, there are also more than 140 interesting games for the players to access and play in 918Kiss slot game download. The games including table games, slot games, and specialty games.

Dragon Tiger appears to be one of the most popular table games in 918Kiss online casino.

What Is 918Kiss Dragon Tiger

918Kiss Casino Online Dragon Tiger Card Game is an Asian card game which was first introduced in Cambodia.  Many online casino players love to play this game due to the simplicity and speed of the game. It is basically a simpler version of Bacarrat and the playing mechanics is similar to Casino War as well. Instead of playing 2 to 3 cards in Baccarat, there is only one card each deal to the Dragon side and Tiger Side. The standard winning payout is 1 to 1.

How To Bet In 918Kiss Dragon Tiger Game

Players just need to bet on either Dragon side or Tiger Side. Generally, the card with the higher value will win. However, there are 2 rules to consider in this case. The first rule is the Ace is the always the lowest card value in this game, while K is the highest card value. The second rule is when both sides get the same rank of card, the house will win half of your bet regardless which side you bet on. Statistically, the house edge will be around 3.73% in this game. It is lower than the house edge in  Bacarrat and Casino War. Hence, the winning odds for the players in this game is higher compared to the two other games.

Tie Bet

The players can also place their bet on the tie bet. Although the winning odds in tie bet is relatively low compared to Dragon and Tiger Side, the winning payout, in this case, is 8 to 1. The house edge, in this case, is extremely high which is around 32.77%.

Big and Small Bet

In 918Kiss Casino Online Dragon Tiger Game, the players also can bet on the card value of Dragon or Tiger to be Big or Small. In this game, the Big value starts from 8 until K. While the Small Value starts from Ace to 6. The players will win the payout 1 to 1 when they win the game.  However, when the card value is 7, the players will lose their bet no matter which side they bet on. The house edge in this situation is around 7.69%.

Suit Bet

The players can bet on which suit that will appear on the game on their chosen side (Dragon or Tiger).  The winning payout for suit bet is 3 to 1. If the card value is 7, the house will automatically win the bet.


 Strategy To Win In 918Kiss Dragon Tiger Game

Most of the players claim that this game is entirely based on luck itself, hence they do not plan any strategies when playing in this game. However, this is not entirely correct as some of the experienced players managed to come out with some strategies that managed to increase their winning odds and reduce the house edge.

Apply The Martingale Strategy

This strategy originates from the theory of no one will lose all the time. To apply this strategy in the 918Kiss Casino Online Dragon Tiger Game, players need to double up their wage in the next game when they lose in the game. Another rule is that try to stick to just one side when you bet in the game. When you win in one game, you will be able to recover all your previous losses in the game. When you are in the winning streaks, do not double up your bet. Stick to your initial bet amount instead.

Observe The Trend In The Game

When you play in the game, always observe which side appears to win the game more often. By the rule of probability, bet on the side with more wins in previous games will give you higher winning odds. It will be definitely wasting your money if you bet blindly in every game without observing the trend of the game.

Don’t Bet On Tie Bet

Even though the Tie Bet gives you the winning payout of 8 to 1, the house edge is extremely high in this situation. It is around 32.77%. This makes you rarely win the Tie bet. It is not advisable for the players to go for the Tie bet unless they have allocated a certain amount of money that can be lost.


 Test The Game In 918Kiss Now

In the 918Kiss casino online, the players can always try out the game by using their free credits or even in test account. The test account can be obtained from the trusted agent whereby there is no real money involved in the account.

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