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918Kiss Casino: Blackjack Ultimate Winning Strategies

918Kiss casino

918Kiss Casino Blackjack Introduction

Blackjack or known as “21” has a long and convoluted world history. It has been an extremely popular casino game since long time ago. As technology advance rapidly, blackjack no longer can only be played in landed based casino, but also can be played instantly on mobile devices and computers.

One of the most popular Malaysia online casino platforms that offers blackjack game is 918Kiss. Many online casino players choose to play 918Kiss casino blackjack due to it supports 2 powerful mobile operating system, Android, and iOS. Aside from that, 918Kiss casino Blackjack is also the most player-friendly game due to it has lowest house edge over the player of all games.

918Kiss Blackjack Card Values

2-10 numbered cards are worth the corresponding number indicated on the card. Face cards are worth 10 in Blackjack while the Ace worth either 1 or 11 in the game. A face card or a 10 combined with the Ace is the Blackjack or known as “21”.

918Kiss Blackjack: How To Win In This Game

The objective of this game is that you just need to get higher points than the house without going beyond 21 in order to win the game. Initially, 2 cards will be dealt with players and house. You can call for “hit” where an extra card will be dealt with you to increase your card value when you feel that your card value is too low. If you go beyond 21 on your cards, your card will “burst”, meaning that you will automatically lose in the game. When both player and house cards did not go beyond 21, the one with the higher value will win the bet.

918Kiss Blackjack: Secret Tips and Winning Strategy

Over the years, many players have come out with different strategies on their betting style in order to increase their winning odds in 918Kiss casino Blackjack. Some of the strategies are proven by many players that could help them to increase their chances of winning significantly. Hence, we would like to share all these tips and strategies here to benefit you. However, please be noted that all these strategies need to come with rounds of practice as well in order to apply them effectively in the game.

Reduce The House Edge

There is the blackjack chart which can be found on Google easily in order to help you to reduce the house edge. The blackjack chart will guide you what action you shall take depending on the card value of your 2 cards and the house first card value. Without applying this strategy, the house edge advantage can be as high as 8 to 10%. This strategy will help you to reduce the house edge to just 1%.

Cards Splitting

When you get pairs in the game, you can always split your cards. Mastering the splitting strategy allows you to win more in the game. When you get the pairs of aces and 8’s, it is advisable to split them. When the house first card is less than 8, you can split your cards when you get 2, 3 or 7 pairs. Split 9 pairs against anything the house get except for ace, 10 or 7. Do not split your cards when you get 5 or 10 pairs.

Play Hard Hands

In this strategy, always doubling down if you get card value of 11 or 10 from the sum of your two cards.  Doubling down if you get 9 while the house shows 3, 4, 5, or 6 in the first card.

Stick With Your Strategy

The basic 918Kiss casino Blackjack strategy is proven to deliver wins over the long term. So if you win the first few rounds don’t dismiss it. Mathematical odds have proven that even if you lose the house for a few consecutive hands, you will still become the winner at the end of the day. So it’s important you stick with the strategy. Always stay patient with the strategy that you have applied.

Positive Progression & Negative Progression Betting

For positive progression betting style, players will increase their bet after winning from their previous game. This strategy aims to reduce the impact of losses on player’s bankroll when players are in the losing streaks after the winning streaks. As for negative progression betting style, the player will raise the bet after losses.

As a real example from 918Kiss casino Blackjack gameplay, if the player loses $10 in the game, he will bet $20 in the next game. If he still loses, then he will bet $40 in the following game. The benefit of this strategy is to recover all your losses plus some winning in just one game.  However, this strategy will impact a lot on your bankroll. Hence please build up your bankroll first before applying this strategy.

918Kiss Blackjack Conclusion

Mastering all the strategies mentioned above will definitely increase your winning odds in the game significantly. If you are not ready to use your own money to play this game. Download and register 918Kiss now to get the free credits. Utilize the free credits to practice in this game by applying the strategies above and win instant cash!


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