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918Kiss Slot: Baccarat Secret Winning Tips

918Kiss slot

918Kiss Baccarat Introduction

Baccarat is one of the famous classic casino games worldwide. Many casino players like to play this game due to its relatively easy gameplay compared to other table games such as 3 poker & Texas Hold’em. Now the good news is Baccarat can be played online through mobile phones and computers. Many popular online casino apps have launched Baccarat game in their respective apps such as 918Kiss App. Players now can enjoy the 918Kiss Baccarat at any time and anywhere without the need to travel to the land-based casino to play this game. It is also a game whereby the house edge is relatively low compared to other casino games.


918Kiss Baccarat Gameplay

According to most of the 918Kiss slot players, it is fairly easy to play this game compared to other games and winning odds are pretty high. 918Kiss Baccarat does not require any skill to play and win, unlike 918Kiss slot Blackjack and 3 Poker. It only takes luck and with some winning tips to win the game. In Baccarat, you can either place your bet on banker, player or a tie. In order to win this game, you just need to bet on either banker or player which will get higher card values based on the total single value of 2 or 3 cards. The highest value will 9 and the lowest value will be 0.

Once you have placed your bet, you do not need to make any more decision as the house will conduct the play and announce the winning side. Tie winning pay-out will be 1 to 8 because the odds of getting a tie in the game is much lower compared to banker win or player win. In this case, the house edge will have an extra of 14%, so it is not advisable to bet on a tie unless you are having a good winning streak in the game and add some thrill to the game.

For cards value, Ace counted as 1, picture cards and 10 counted as 10, while 2 to 9 counted as their face value.


918Kiss Baccarat Winning Tips

Know the Odds of Winning Well

Before you start your 918Kiss Baccarat game, make sure you know the winning odds payout. In 918Kiss Baccarat, player win payout is 1:1, while banker win payout is 1:1 as well but with some small percentage of commission paid to the house. A tie wins payout would be 1:8. Knowing these odds clearly will definitely help to plan your playing style in the game and win the game.

Do Not Place Your Bet on Tie

No doubt that betting on the tie will give you very lucrative payout (8/1 payout) if you manage to win. However, the odds of winning are extremely low compared to betting on the banker or player. Betting on the tie will give a good chance for the house to wipe out your stakes. House edge is extremely high when you bet on a tie. So under normal circumstances, always choose to bet on either banker or player instead of a tie.

Banker Always Your First Choice

In 918Kiss Baccarat, banker always has a winning edge of 51% compared to the player. Even though there might be a 5% commission that you need to give to the house when banker wins, you will get a higher odds of winning the game. Betting on banker strategy allows you to build up your bankroll as well. Betting on the player is not a wrong move, however, it is advisable that you bet on the player when you are experienced and confident enough in playing the game.

Monitor Closely on the Game Winning Trend

Based on many feedbacks from the 918Kiss Players who get to win consistently in the Baccarat game. One of their secret winning tips is to monitor closely on the game-winning trend as they play. Most of them agree that there is a winning pattern trend in 918Kiss slot Baccarat where you can predict accurately which side will win based on the past few rounds result. You need to patient and focus in order to catch the winning pattern trend. Once you get the pattern, it is just a matter of the how much total you want to win the game.

Make Full Use of 918Kiss slot Free Credits

When you registered to be a 918Kiss slot player, you will be rewarded with free credits. Use this free credits to play in the 918Kiss slot Baccarat instead of your own money first. There might be a chance for you to win money by playing with free credits and get neat profit from the game.

Do Not Play Too Long In the Game

It is important that do not play too long in the game. Always break it into few short session when play Baccarat. This is simply because the odds will be against you in a long run. It will eventually wipe out your bankroll if you stay too long in the game. Always set your time to stop and leave the game as a winner.

The tips mentioned above are all proven by most of the 918Kiss slot Baccarat players. Of course, there are many more tips out there for you to apply to increase your winning odds. However, bear in mind that all the tips always come with practice in order to master them and use them effectively in the game. Download the App HERE and start practice now!

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