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918Kiss App

918Kiss App Game Introduction

As of the beginning of 2018, more than 90% of Malaysia online casino players have heard of or playing in 918Kiss App.  The online casino industry is getting more and more competitive nowadays. Many online casino apps are evolving continuously to meet the players’ demand.

Being one of the most popular online casino apps in Malaysia, 918Kiss has fully committed to improving its game features and enhancing its user experience progressively. As an update version of SCR888 online casino app, 918Kiss App does offer some upgraded features in all its online casino games in order to provide better user experience and higher bet pay-out to you.

The company apps development team has shown that continuous improvement on the game features and bet pay-out structure. It has contributed to the increasing numbers of 918Kiss App users on daily basis. This is an obvious indication that the players are really satisfied and enjoy the service features provided by the app.

918Kiss App Game: Advantages of Playing In 918Kiss Online Casino

For sure, there must be several solid reasons for online casino players to play in 918Kiss App without switching to other online casino apps. Aside from great user experience in using the apps, the other advantages that offered by 918Kiss App are,

Famous online casino gaming site trusted and played by many players since 2010. Back in 2010, mobile online casino service still not a norm in Malaysia yet. Being one of the pioneers in this industry, 918Kiss (formerly known as SCR888) has slowly accumulated

Attractive loyalty reward programs. We have been extremely generous in rewarding players who have been using our app for a long time. We have paid out more than RM3 million to our players through loyalty reward programs in 2017.

Aside from high pay-out reward programs and well-established gaming site, you can enjoy instant FREE Download & registration for 918Kiss App on any mobile device (Android & IOS). Once completed download & register, you can play all the games instantly, extremely convenient!!! Furthermore, there are over 350 games for you to enjoy in 918Kiss App. We will continue to launch more interesting and high bonus games in the future.

918KISS App Game

918Kiss App Game: Cash Winning Strategy

It is a solid fact that everyone plays online casino games with the aim to win more money. Hence, it is extremely important for you to come out with a proper playing strategy to increase your winning probabilities significantly. Based on years of experience in this industry, we would like to share out some of the secret tips and guides that have been proven to help most of the players to increase the chances of winning in 918Kiss App.

Manage Your Bankroll

Firstly, you need to know how to manage your own bankroll. Many players choose to continue to play blindly when they are in the losing streaks and cause a huge loss at the end of the day. Hence, you should set a loss limit every time before you start to play. Your mindset should always be  “ How much am I willing to lose in this game” instead of  “How much can I win in this game”. Once you hit your loss limit, stop playing and take a break. This break time allows you to refresh your mind and might develop a different approach to tackle this game or quit playing to stop the loss.

When you are in winning streaks, you need to set a satisfaction point. You should pause your play in the game once you reach your satisfaction because there is no forever winning streaks in online casino games. Avoid getting caught in the winning streaks trap where winning can become losing at the end of the day.

918Kiss Games Odds & House Edge Tips

Besides, you should also analyze and pick on games with the best chances of winning. Always play in the games that give you best chance of winning, be it a small win or big win. Generally there always two factors that you must pay attention when choosing which table games to play: house edge & low/high odds. For example, if you can bet high odds on craps, the house edge will be driven down relatively.

Which means chances of winning will increase and decrease chances of losing your own money at the same time. Hence, always spend some efforts and time to find out these table games with high odds and low house edge to increase your chance of winning money.

918Kiss Slot Game Tips

Next, we would like to share some guides on online slot games strategy. One of the strong attraction in playing online slot games versus land casino slot games is that it offers higher bonus and payout percentages. Generally ranging between 95% – 97%. Besides, chances of winning in slot games can also be determined by bet levels, coin value levels as well as the number of reels.  For example, a slot game with a higher number of reels in 918Kiss App often offers higher pay-out but more unpredictable.

While slot game with a lesser number of reels offer lower pay-out but with higher frequency for players to get the pay-out. Therefore, instead of place your bet on slot games with more reels for a higher payout. You may place your bet on slot games with fewer reels for lower pay-out while increasing your chances of winning money.

In terms of progressive jackpots and non-progressive jackpot. It is also advisable to go for the non-progressive jackpot. As it awards the jackpot more often. While progressive jackpot offers higher jackpot reward but lower frequency.

918Kiss Betting Strategy

Another important strategy when playing online casino games would be the betting strategy. Betting strategy generally can be categorized into 2 types: positively progressive strategy and negatively progressive strategy.

The positive progressive strategy is when you win, you increase your bet & and when you lose, you decrease your bet. One of the positive progressive examples would be the Paroli system. Where you choose a starting base level amount to play. Every time you win you add the amount to your stake and play again. So even when you lose in the end, you actually only lose the base level amount that you placed in initially.

While the negative progressive strategy is when you lose, you increase your bet & when you win, you decrease your bet. An example of negative progressive strategy would be the Martingale system. When you lose, you double the amount of bet that you have lost. When you win, you decrease your bet by half. This approach is much riskier compared to Paroli system but high return in winning. For a beginner, we always recommend the Paroli system. It is a better approach to conserve your money in the beginning.

Of course, there are many other online casino strategies out there as well, but none of the strategies could give you 100% chance of winning. However, you could increase your chance of winning by consistently applying those strategies in your gameplay.  So, what are you still waiting for, download 918Kiss App and start to play by applying these strategies in the games & WIN BIG NOW!!!

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